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12.06.2015 – 13.06.2015

SBA baby swimming camp, practical demonstrations, workshop: songs, rhymes, topic: movement and facility development in the water. Sing and play together!!!!!!!

welcome families coming from different parts of the country and other countries
welcome instructors own their teams
welcome instructors  family (husband, wife, children)
welcome insturctors their children
welcome single insturctors
Songs, rhymes, movement and facility development in the water (3 months to 4 years in Hungarian, English and German): 
baby swimming sessions (3 months to 2 years)
playful and  water acclimatization practices with songs, rhymes (2 years to 4 years)  
elements player of teaching swimming, sessions (2 years to 4 years) 


Presentations:  on Friday 15,00. pm
Presentation occupations:  on Saturday morning 
We are waiting for instructors applications, deadline: 31th April 2015 

Topic of presentation: playful and water acclimatization practices with songs, rhymes by age groups in Hungarian, English and German: 
3 months to 12 months
12 months to 2 years
2 years to  4 years
In addition to playful practices: 
warm-up exercises outside the pool, gymnas in Hungarian, English and German
gymnastics in the pool with songs, rhymes in Hungarian, English and German
„Other categories” we have no indication that occupation or type of practice can be submitted.
The performance must contain:
Songs described with notes,  text of rhymes and poemes, description of related movements. 
If the practice that is not emotional element, but the destination is facility development, that we need this purpose and why.
Description of used devices, toys and these photos 
Lesson plan of practical presentations
The performance also includes practical lecture:  presentation shortened version of  the show pool
The practical demonstration can be up to 45 minutes of at least 15

REGISTRATION for the conference (as participants or as instructors):
Workshop PARTICIPATION FEE: 130 EUR /person/ 1 night accommodation, meals and participation in conference

Accommodation and location: / NFORMATION AND BOOKING
Sárkány Apartman &  Kemping  - Nyírbátor /
Pálma Wellness Hotel - Nyírbátor /